ARCNC Code of Conduct

Believing that honesty, integrity, high ideals, and a general concern for the welfare of the roofing industry are both desirable and necessary, and in a sincere effort to promote the objectives of the Associated Roofing Contractors of Northern California (ARCNC), members of ARCNC pledge themselves to:

  • Not discuss any pricing at ARCNC events. It is wholly inappropriate, illegal, and is strictly prohibited.
  • Not solicit business or distribute or circulate promotional materials at any ARCNC events. Out of consideration and respect for the relationships between vendors and their customers, it is strictly prohibited.
  • Practice and maintain the highest standard of professional and responsible conduct;
  • Strive, through their actions, to promote the dignity and integrity of the profession, and to ensure that their representatives and employees conform their conduct to this Code;
  • Treat others as they desire and expect to be treated by them;
  • Comply with all mandated laws, standards and regulations as promulgated by local, state, federal and regional legislative and regulatory entities;
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of all information specified as “privileged.”
  • Encourage and assist others in the attainment of their individual professional goals and aspirations;
  • Avoid any misrepresentation of their product or service, including representation of endorsement by ARCNC by virtue of participation as a member or sponsor of ARCNC.